Physical Security is a key part to keeping your business resilient.

Much of Physical Security is common sense and simple planning, though there is significant legislation around this area.

Below are some checklists of what to watch out for:


What to look for
Does your building have perimeter fencing? If so, is it complete, undamaged and are there regular checks to look for breaks? 
Does your building have CCTV with Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras to monitor sensitive areas? If so make sure you comply with CCTV legislation. has guidance on the use of CCTV. 
Who are your neighbours? Do they pose any threat to your business? 
Is there any contaminated land nearby? Are you near any COMAH sites? 
Do you have multiple ways into and out of your business? If one road is blocked (by road traffic accident or flooding) can you still get in and out? 
Do you have on site security? If so are they SIA trained? 
Do you have clear security policies & procedures to the building? Are they externally assessed regularly? 
How do you secure your building against natural disasters (flooding, bad weather etc.), malicious attacks or accidents? 
How do you deal securely with deliveries and loading areas? 
Do you have any combustible materials on site and how do you control access to and prevent injury from these? 


What to look for
Is there a full Building Management System in place to check for monitoring and alerting? 
Are the external doors secure and regularly checked. 
Do you have perimeter alarms and intruder detection? If so is it regularly serviced and checked in line with manufacturer’s instructions 
Can windows be easily broken to gain entry? 
What protection do you have against power cuts, water failure? 
Is there a full Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contract in place? 
How would you cope with a Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) failure? 
How would you deal with a communications link failure. E.g. outside contractor digs through internet/telephone cabling? 


What to look for
How do you protect access to critical areas (IT Rooms, areas with sensitive information, cash etc.)? 
How do you protect sensitive areas from water leakage (e.g. do you have toilets above your IT rooms which could leak into the IT systems)? 
Do you have emergency lighting in case of power cuts, when is it tested? 
How often do you have fire drills and does everyone know where to go? 
How do you protect your electrical systems? 
What fire protections are in place? 

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