We live in an uncertain world.

Crises can hit any organisation, big and small.

You have spent a lot of time, effort and money building your business up. One incident, badly handled, could destroy years of hard work. If you can’t provide a service to your customers for any reason, you can be sure your competitors will!!

In 2018 alone, we’ve seen newsworthy incidents for many organisations:

These are the the ones which made the papers. There are thousands of other organisations which fail as a result of poor crisis preparedness.
Being prepared effectively can:

  • Reduce Costs – a well designed and executed plan can bring your business back to BAU quicker and more cost effectively.
  • Keep your customers – if you can’t service your customers, your competitors will.
  • Develop a competitive advantage – being resilient and responsive helps beat competitors and attract new customers
  • Prevent issues happening in the first place – introducing preventative measures to keep your business moving.

O-BC helps businesses like yours be safe and secure – Cost Effectively!

Benefits of an external assessment


  • Reduction in risk of incidents
  • Accountability
  • Improved overall performance and efficiency
  • Removal of uncertainty and inconsistency by managing disruption 
  • Greater clarification of staff responsibility
  • Improved internal communication
  • A major contribution to help reduce insurance costs.


  • Better public perception
  • Better market perception
  • Provides confidence for your customers, trade partners, stakeholders, regulators, local authority.
  • Competitive advantage / market differentiation
  • Demonstrates transparency and accountability 


“I worked with Rob on various BC and risk related projects while at Capita.
In that time I found Rob to be not only a true subject matter expert, but also very client focused, and much respected by peers and his client base.”

“Rob was well versed in both client and Capita’s corporate needs and soon became a trusted ‘go to’ person, with expert technical knowledge and experience in the sensible application of solutions to mitigate risks. He was always the first peer that I would go to for sense checks; it was a loss when he left Capita.”
“As well as being unflappable, sensible and reliable, he is a pleasure to know and will be a good fit for any team or company.”

Paul Evans – Group Head of Business Resilience at Capita plc