We Take the Risk out of Business

We do this by the Three “R”s

  1. Recognise – Identifying threats, dealing with threats and mitigating those threats before they happen
  2. Respond – Developing an response effective response for when incidents occur
  3. Recover – Making sure the business can recover promptly and efficiently

We work with busy businesses who need to increase resilience and need to be better prepared for business interruptions.

Using the best practices from ISO 22301 (Business Continuity) and ISO 27001 (Information Security), we make sure your business is as prepared as possible to manage what may occur.

Don’t just wait for something bad to happen, Prepare for it using the Three “R”s.

The PwC Global Crisis Survey 2019 report showed 95% of CEOs expected to have a crisis at some time time in their careers.

Well. COVID-19 made sure it was 100% now. Businesses reacted differently and some better than others. However, those businesses with specific Business Continuity Plans reacted better. The BCI (Pandemic Response Report 2020) reported that 56.8% of businesses with a specific Pandemic plan reported responding successfully, but only 11.7% without one considered their response successful.

We make sure that plans are in place, so you are prepared. So you have a framework to handle incidents

We make sure your teams are tested so they know what to do in a Pandemic, or any other incident.

Contact us at rob@o-bc.uk to learn more.