I was invited to present at the Leeds Alert Forum in December 2019. This followed an invitation to present in 2017 which was very well received.

The audience were a diverse group, totalling approx. 100 professionals from public and private sectors, including 999 services. Feedback was once again excellent

The presentation was based around how organisations fail to protect their reputations by not thinking through how situations and social media interactions will be perceived by the public. It included a variety of examples where companies and other organisations shot themselves in the foot, damaging their reputations and generally exposing themselves to ridicule.

Thanks once again to Leeds Emergency Planning Team for the invitation. I recommend that, if you’re in the West Yorkshire area, you get on these lists. Contact the Emergency Planning Team at Leeds City Council.

If you’d like me to present at one of your events, please get in touch at rob@o-bc.uk