I think it's important sometimes for us all to go back to basics. I've been in the Business Continuity Industry for over 15 years and it's easy to think that you've seen it all. However, I had the opportunity to take the Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI) exam. This exam is the main … Continue reading CBCI Exam

Response from CEOs – Business Continuity Awareness Week 2020

The always excellent Julie Goddard (https://www.humanexres.com) wrote a letter to CEOs around the world for BCAW 2020. It reminded them of all the things we as BC practitioners have been saying over the years have now come true with COVID-19. You can read that at https://www.thebci.org/news/dear-ceos-and-industry-leaders-everywhere.html Well.. I wrote a reply from the CEOs back … Continue reading Response from CEOs – Business Continuity Awareness Week 2020

The C-Word

By now everyone has been overwhelmed with the news about Corona Virus (Covid-19). It's crucial that everyone follows government advice , but there's still a need to implement effective management in your business. There are some relatively simple but effective controls you need to implement in your business to reduce the effect in your organisation. … Continue reading The C-Word