The always excellent Julie Goddard ( wrote a letter to CEOs around the world for BCAW 2020. It reminded them of all the things we as BC practitioners have been saying over the years have now come true with COVID-19. You can read that at

Well.. I wrote a reply from the CEOs back to BC practitioners..

Dear BC & Resilience Professionals.

Many thanks for your kind letter, and your concern for our wellbeing.

Yes… We’ve survived. Didn’t we do well?

OK. OK. You were right! We didn’t really think it would happen to us. We did, of course, have Pandemic Flu on our Risk Register… (sort of..)  But, although we know it would be catastrophic, we hadn’t had a really bad one for 100 years (except for H1N1, H5N1, SARS, MERS CovID, Ebola, Measles epidemics etc.) so we had it as 1 in 100 year possibility.

Therefore on our Risk Matrix, Low Likelihood & High Impact meant Low Risk. So it was Green, so we didn’t do anything about it, as agreed in our Risk Policy. To be honest we didn’t want to do anything about it, because we thought if it happens we’re doomed anyway. But we did identify it. So that was alright…. Wasn’t it?

Anyway, we had a pandemic plan you wrote years ago after we had Avian Flu!  Yeah… Thanks for that – it was really useful – once we dug it out from the archives. Some of the technology steps were out of date, but it was near enough.😀

I’m glad I made the important decision to employ you.  Yes… I think that was me, wasn’t it?

We identified a work from home policy would be appropriate in this solution, so we’re all doing that. I’m sat trying to get some bandwidth from my 16 year old who’s playing Fortnite, now he doesn’t have to revise for his GCSEs…. Lucky B….r. 

Wish I hadn’t bought this place in the countryside now. Lovely little village, great pub, until it closed (bah). Only get 2Mb download speed. Nowhere near enough…  Didn’t think that through, really.. No mobile signal either. Damn..

Other than that, our Business Continuity plan worked really well… except for that we didn’t have enough laptops for everyone. So, we had to rush out to PC World and buy a load. We didn’t really have time to put the company secure build on them, but they’ve got McAfee something-or-other installed so that should be OK.

I know you raised this several times, but that would have meant buying PCs in advance and putting secure build configurations on, and, well, it hit so quick!! We didn’t have time.. Mind you. China had it over a month before us, so if we’d carried on with that horizon scanning you recommended, we may have been a bit more sleek-of-foot.

We had the corporate re-branding to do, anyway, that cost a fortune, so we couldn’t afford to buy some PCs as well. And the new letterhead and logo does look nice….

The only other thing which was a minor hiccup is that we didn’t have the servers or licence capacity for everyone to work at home; only half the staff could work.  We should have tested that beforehand… I seem to think you may have mentioned that too….

Anyway, that cost us a fortune. Servers and remote access licences are really expensive, especially when you’re trying to buy them the same time as everyone else. They had me over a barrel. I suppose if we’d have pre-bought them, we may have got a better deal as we wouldn’t have been a distressed purchaser. But, well, it doesn’t look good on the discounted cash flow projections.

But we’re all working fine now. The contact centre staff are handling customer calls, between screaming kids, dogs barking, the postman and Ocado deliveries. The customers have been really understanding, even though the service levels have plummeted. We should probably have trialled that too as part of the testing programme. (I know. I know you recommended we do that too).

Thanks for all your effort getting us into a great position…..

We really couldn’t have done without you..


CEOs everywhere.