I think it’s important sometimes for us all to go back to basics. I’ve been in the Business Continuity Industry for over 15 years and it’s easy to think that you’ve seen it all.

However, I had the opportunity to take the Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI) exam. This exam is the main qualification point for Business Continuity Practitioners to demonstrate their knowledge of Business Continuity. Based on the BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines (GPG), it is intended to test in depth the knowledge and understanding of the practitioner.

I found it a thought provoking exercise and nowhere near as easy as I suspected. If someone knows their stuff, they’ll pass, but it’s not a breeze. I recommend all BC people to take the exam to refresh their skills and knowledge, as part of a CBCI course. I did mine with Continuity Shop.

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The result? I passed with Merit (91%) 😊