At the moment it seems that the Pandemic will never end, even with hopeful news about a vaccine or two. But it will, at some point.….

It has seemed a long haul for everyone, and whilst some businesses will have thrived by moving into new markets and new methods of delivery, others may not be able , or be willing to do that, for whatever reason.

But, irrespective of the your position, assuming you do survive to the end of the pandemic (or at least to the point where it becomes a little more Business As Usual) – there are things your business can do to make sure you hit the ground running at the other end.

  • Never Waste a Crisis – This pandemic has been awful for almost everyone, but there is opportunity here. You will have learnt a LOT about your business, your technology, your staff and colleagues. Most of all you will have learnt about yourself. You will have coped with difficulties – working remotely, educating your kids, supporting elderly parents, providing help and guidance to work colleagues.
  • STOP – NOW – Review what you’ve learnt. What went well, What was OK and, be honest, what was a bit crap. Do this for every incident, there is always something to learn from incidents.
  • What surprised you? – Maybe you coped better than you thought, may be that supplier pulled out all the stops and dug you out of a hole – or let you down totally. Make a note of these. Thanks the people/organisations who stepped up and have a serious conversation with the others.
  • Don’t wait ! – What often happens when an incident/crisis is dealt with, people breathe a huge sigh of relief and plans that were supposed to be updated never get amended. People go back to BAU and it all gets forgotten.
  • Look at your existing plans – Not just Business Continuity/Crisis Management plans – ALL your plans. Did they do the job? Where were the weaknesses? think about how you can improve them
  • BUT – Don’t fight the last war – It’s tempting to put everything you learnt from this pandemic in glorious detail into the plan which is everything you would have liked to know before hand – and you’ll be super prepared for the next one – BUT the next incident won’t be the same as this one, it will behave differently, the government may make different decisions (or may have changed altogether). So get the learnings – make sure you capture the key details so you can refer to them next time you get a similar incident. But don’t create a monster plan no-one can understand, you don’t want to keep up to date and take too long to navigate through.
  • Keep your plans flexible – make sure your plans are flexible enough to cover a wide range of incidents. Some principles apply irrespective of the type of incident which hits you.
  • Be prepared for the next incident – There will be another incident which hits your business, it may not be pandemic (let’s hope not) but something will.
  • NOW is the time to update your plans, run an exercise and test them, while people still understand that Business Continuity & Crisis Management are important.
  • As I say “Don’t Waste a Crisis” – even one as big as this!!

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