When the Chinese government locked down Wuhan as part of their coronavirus strategy, the schools started using an app owned by Alibaba (which is a Chinese multinational technology company), called Dingtok.

Dingtok was a corporate communications app and a few months prior to the coronavirus pandemic Alibaba rolled out a set of education modules which turned out to be really popular (with parents and teachers, at least).

2.6 million new users downloaded the Dingtok app to do homework.

The App store used to download the Dingtok app has a ratings system where the users are allowed to rate the app.

The Chinese kids realised that if the app doesn’t rate highly enough, it gets delisted. So, similar to being an Uber driver, if your ratings are too low you get delisted, and they don’t let you drive any more. So Chinese kids got together and mass down-voted the app in an attempt to get it de-listed from the App store, so they didn’t have to submit their homework.

Which just goes to show that you may have plans in place to deal with a crisis, but it doesn’t mean people will follow it!

It seems the future of Chinese leaders is in safe hand.

Story courtesy of “Hacked” podcast.