It’s always good to get new clients – that’s why we exist as a business. It’s even better when one comes as a recommendation from an existing client.

This happened to me again this week, I was recommended by a client and after an initial conversation about the business, what needed doing, submitting a proposal, agreement and contract signed, the new client was engaged.

The client has had a massive growth year, and recognised that there are some vulnerabilities in the business that I can help with. In this case it’s helping with formalising the crisis response, business continuity planning and generally making them better prepared to deal with the brickbats that come with running a business.

Many businesses seem to think that if they have insurance they are covered. But if a business loses it’s main site for 3 months and can’t service it’s customers there are plenty of other businesses out there who will take care of them – permanently.

This business recognised that and are a great business, with great people – who intend to be around for many years into the future.