What do you do when you need to give a briefing and you can’t get everyone together?

Zoom or MS Teams is the obvious answer. But what if you need to deliver some client specific information to lots of teams who can’t all get together at the same time?

I had this dilemma. When I create Business Continuity and Crisis Management plans with a business, one of the major parts is briefing the plan(s) out to the teams so they understand what it means and to ensure awareness is good.

So. I found a solution with a bit of creative thinking.

On my web site, after a bit of digging, I found that I could password protect a page. So I created an area for my client, which only they could see. Then I created a video using Powerpoint which showed the plan, and explained each page, in detail so each user could log in using the company ID and password to view the videos when they needed. Feedback was excellent and it may be yet another way forward for delivering info to clients.