I recently joined Continuity Shop (www.continuityshop.com) training team to deliver their courses. Continuity shop are one of the world’s leading business continuity trainers and have been in business doing this for over 15 years. Indeed, I went on some of their first courses.

Recently I delivered their CBCI (Certificate of Business Continuity Institute) training. This was delivered remotely and had a mix of people on the course, both experienced and relatively new to Business Continuity.

The CBCI is seen as the gateway to the more senior grades within the Business Continuity world ad is designed to demonstrate knowledge of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines (BCI GPG).

I do enjoy teaching, especially when I get reviews like the following:

“Rob is an experienced, honest and knowledgeable practitioner of Business Continuity. Rob brings years of real world experience and case studies to the forefront of his Business Continuity training workshops, engaging with all delegates and being sure to assist in the best possible way he can. Rob’s style of tutoring is superb, ensuring a ‘seasoned professional’ or a complete newcomer can immerse themselves in the training, ensuring they have the most up to date materials from the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) which align to internationally recognised standards.”

This was such a great review.

So. Onto the next task