Protecting your reputation

Your reputation is, probably, the most important asset your company has, after its people. Once this is gone you lose customers, suppliers, and staff. There are some famous examples of companies which had their reputation ruined (sometimes by themselves - just Google "Gerald Ratner" or "Cambridge Analytica") resulting in the company going bust.

TSB Revisited

I read this week that more than 16,000 customers have left TSB since the IT meltdown earlier this year (see my previous blog on this topic). The Financial Conduct Authority (one of the UK's financial regulators) is still deciding whether to fine the TSB after it was judged to have misled parliament.

Presenting at the BCI NW Forum

I recently was asked to present at the recent Business Continuity Institute (BCI) NW Forum in October 2018. My good friend and fellow BC practitioner Steve Nuttall organises these events for the BCI. These are free events to attend, you don't need to be a BCI member and are always educational and entertaining.